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The Treatment

And my session is one hour & a half which is ideal.
Not too short & unrushed.
Which involves complete & Intense 'line work'-by working & following certain treatment lines that runs/corresponds with the energy pathways known as the SEN.
If I can offer a quality of touch & attention that the client is unlikely to experience anywhere else and be able to offer them the time & space in which to completely let go is a rare opp. I think in anybody's life.



The Technique

I massage you in 3positions:
-prone-lying face down
then I turn you over facing up in supine position
then I sit y up cross-legged for some forward bending, side-bends & then a backward flexion stretch.

You see the main focus is on flexibility & the AIM is total RELAXATION.
If that is all I achieve then as far as I’m concerned I’ve earned my money.
Any other health benefits is a bonus.


The Benefits

-a resolution of physical problems
-release of tension
-increase energy
-clearer thinking
-improvement in work & social relationships & more.
-an improvement in sleep patterns